Business Tools

This section contains tools developed under the frame of research projects. These tools aim to transfer the generated knowledge from researchers towards businesses via accessible tools, characterized by an easy and intuitive user interface.


Toolbox for biogas development

This toolbox was developed in the framework of the BiogasAction project. It provides access to existing documentation of successful national tools, EU projects and success stories, as well as information on existing biogas installations across Europe.

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Pilot and demo-infrastructures database

This tool was developed as part of the Pilots4U project. It is an easily accessible database of multipurpose open access pilot and demo-infrastructures for the European bio-economy. Within this particular database, "bioeconomy" is translated into the following technologies: Industrial Biotechnology, Chemical Conversion, Thermal Conversion, Pulping, Fractionation and Purification, Material Technologies, Algal Cultivation, Anaerobic Digestion and Nutrient Recovery.  

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Database for anaerobic digestion plants

Within the SYSTEMIC project, 3 groups of anaerobic digestion plants throughout Europe are created to help build up a real-life information database, from which the SYSTEMIC consortium will create a Business Development Package (BDP).

The 3 groups are: the demonstration plants, the outreach locations & the associated plants.
Each of them is recognised as an official contributor to the project and therefore their logo and name will appear on the SYSTEMIC website.

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