University of Santiago de Compostela - Group of Environmental Engineering and Bioprocesses (Biogroup)

Group of Environmental Engineering and Bioprocesses (Biogroup)
Campus Vida
Rúa Lope Gómez de Marzoa
Santiago de Compostela

The Biogroup started its activity in 1985, focusing mainly on two research lines: management and treatment of industrial and urban effluents and application and production of ligninolytic enzymes. Both lines have been developed in parallel giving rise to a multitude of projects and specific contracts. Twenty years later, the keywords are still: "Bio", "Environment" and "Engineering", although its research lines have evolved according to the achieved targets and the new trends in research.

The Mission of the Group is to generate scientific and technological knowledge useful for a sustainable development of society and to train entrepreneurial researchers, promoting synergies in a human and stimulating environment. The View of the Group is to be renown at an international level due to the quality of its research, training, innovation and technology transfer.

Since 2006, the group is recognized as a “Group of Excellence” and it was awarded with the “Martinez Moreno Prize 2011”. Its scientific background from the last 5 years (2009-2014) can be summarized in 312 publications in international and national journals (222 SCI), 26 Doctoral Thesis, 4 patents, 10 European projects and international networks and around 16 Spanish Projects, 36 contracts with companies, 184 presentations at international and 34 at national congresses.


Program 1. Novel wastewater treatment technologies

1.1 Bioreactors for the removal of micropollutants from wastewater

1.2 Enzymatic reactor for the tertiary treatment of wastewaters. Removal of micropollutants

1.3 Autotrophic denitrification (Anammox processes)

1.4 Aerobic granular reactors

1.5 Hybrid membrane bioreactors

1.6 Anaerobic (co-)digestion

1.7 Bioplastics (PHA) production from wastewaters

1.8 Recovery of phosphate as struvite

Program 2. Environmental Management

2.1 Product and process sustainability: Life Cycle Assessment and carbon footprint

2.2 Risk Assessment

Program 3. Treatment of gases in diffuse emissions by biofiltration

3.1 Treatment of methane, VOCs and odours in wastewater treatment processes

Program 4. Biorefinery

4.1 Production of biopolymers (PHB) and added-value products by bacterial fermentation from molasses

Program 5. Strategic program

5.1 Cost action: Conceiving Wastewater Treatment in 2020. Energetic, environmental and economic challenges (Water_2020). European Commission. (ES-10755). (2012-2016). Website.

5.2 Novedar_Consolider. Conception of the Sewage Treatment Plant of the XXI Century. Development, implementation and evaluation of technologies for the treatment and resources recovery from wastewaters. (Ministry of Economy). (2007-2013). Website

5.3 Consolidation and structure program of competitive research units. Competitive Reference Groups. Galician Government. (GRC2013-032). (2013-2015)

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