BIO-REFinery Integrated Lombardy Labs - To create a biorefinery around biogas production


10/2013 to 08/2015


€1 362 535.00

The BIOREFILL project represents an operative strategy able to connect, at Lombardy Region level, competencies already owned by several academic institutions, research organizations and industrial companies, that operates in the field of biorefinery. The project exploits Lombardy state-of-the-art biogas grid which represents, with about 400 plants, a very well developed bioenergy industry. Still the sector needs to further develop through technological innovations, profitable integration in order to gain “green-parity” and avoid to come into conflict with primary food production. Based on this industrial reality, the PROJECT AIMS to implement biogas production reality by designing integrated actions which, starting from process products/wastes, transform them into productive resources for the creation of further products according to the concept of biorefinery. For these purposes the conceived partnership offers a very strong complementarity and integration fundamental for the fulfillment of the actions that are briefly summarized:

(i) PRODUCE 2nd AND 3nd GENERATION BIOMASSES that will not be in conflict with food production

(ii) INNOVATE technological offer for ENERGY PRODUCTION in order to reduce costs increase the yield of biomass conversion heighten economic returns

(iii) USE wastes from energy/biofuel production processes (TREATMENT RESIDUES, i.e. CO2 from biomethane and nutrients from digestates) to PRODUCE BIOMASS OF 3rd GENERATION (microalgae)

(iv) USE ANAEROBIC DIGESTION as pre-treatment for the isolation of lignin residues to PRODUCE BIOPLASTICS and high added value chemicals coming from 3rd generation biomasses

(v) DEFINE a research team (independent but complementary LABS OF EXCELLENCE) recognized as a benchmark for the development of Lombardy bio-refinery, through modular and portable solutions that can be physically integrated to optimize the bio-refinery concept.

Project map: 

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