WATERLEAU is a young, dynamic and experienced team of more than 350 environmental engineers and specialists. In collaboration with its partners, the different business units of the WATERLEAU group offer environmental services and solutions to both industry and municipalities. Operating from its headquarters near Brussels, the heart of Europe, WATERLEAU is one of the few global players with a complete portfolio of water, air and waste treatment and energy recovery applications. Today, WATERLEAU is a Total Environmental Solutions Provider and a one stop shop for customers everywhere in the world. Together with selected highly professional partners WATERLEAU builds on its experience in its established home market, Europe, to offer its expertise in emerging markets such as 'BRIC' countries (Brasil, Russia, India, China), Middle East, South-America, Africa, ... WATERLEAU provides services in the whole range from technology development, consultancy, design and engineering, procurement and construction to operations and maintenance. Technological packages, turn-key plants or BOOT solutions are available in all fields of environmental protection. This includes treatment of waste water, sludge, polluted air, waste, production of process water or drinking water and generation of renewable energy from waste or biofuels. WATERLEAU has a proven track record and an excellent reputation with municipalities and industrial clients, such as breweries, beverage and food industry, chemical, petro chemical and pharmaceutical industry, ... In anaerobic waste water treatment, for example, WATERLEAU with more than 300 references, is a top-3 world player.


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