Graaf Karel de Goedelaan

Continuing to provide Flanders with sufficient water of good quality at a reasonable price is a major challenge. The key to success is an optimal cooperation between enterprises, researchers and government. The Flanders Knowledge Center Water (Vlakwa) is the driving force. As not-for-profit organisation Vlakwa is an independent link in the integrated water cycle.

At those areas in the market where the water problem constitutes a threat to the economy, Vlakwa looks for solutions. Vlakwa initiates, coordinates and facilitates. It does that in different ways:

  • it collects and channels the needs of problem owners, answers their questions or brings them in contact with solution and product providers;
  • it stimulates the exchange of knowledge and experience;
  • it lists and joins the knowledge and technology which is present in Flanders about water and markets it abroad.


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