The Flemish Coordination Centre for Manure Processing (VCM) is an intermediary platform between the government and the manure processing sector in Flanders (Belgium). The mission of VCM is to support sustainable manure processing activities in Flanders.

VCM is a non-profit organization, founded in 1996. Financial support comes from its 29 organization members (from government, industry, consulting and financial sector).

VCM has three main objectives. Its first objective is to stimulate and coordinate consultation between government and the sector. Its second objective is to perform policy supporting work. As part of this policy supporting work, VCM executes a yearly inventory of the manure processing activities in Flanders (operational and available processing capacity, techniques in use, recovery markets of the end-products). In addition, VCM detects existing bottlenecks and suggests solutions to the government to solve them. The third objective is performing its role as a competence centre on all aspects related to manure processing (technical, legislative, administrative, economical, financial). In this framework, VCM gives first line support, organizes conferences and workshops, and participates in research projects. 

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