University of Verona

The Department of Biotechnology of the University of Verona has a successful record of fulfilling and managing EU research contracts. Some 50 people make up the permanent staff of the department, which has a large postgraduate population of research fellows, assistants and contract researchers representing 80% of researchers employed in the Department. Two PhD courses, in Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology and Applied Biotechnology, are part of the department's postgraduate program. The Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group of the Department is a leader in the sectors of wastewater treatment and biowaste and sludge management. Prof Franco Cecchi, Dr David Bolzonella and Dr Francesco Fatone, are the permanent staff of the group. The R&D activity of the group deals with the chemical engineering, biotechnology and (bio)processes for the environmental protection (mainly: organic waste and wastewater treatment) and production of renewable energy.


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